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It’s been two years since I graduated from my coding bootcamp. That’s two years of working as a developer in a hi-tech company, earning real money for writing real code. Two years of gaining experience, making mistakes, and lots and lots of learning on the job.

And even though I know I’m only at the very beginning of my journey as a developer, I’d like to think that I’ve learned a thing or two since my days as a rosy-cheeked bootcamper. Perhaps even enough to share a few of my insights, advice, and recommendations with you.

So here they are.

A few months ago at work, I was tasked with developing a custom, low-latency video player. Prior to this, I had worked only briefly with FFmpeg and not at all with DirectX 11. But I figured it shouldn’t be that hard. FFmpeg is pretty popular, DirectX 11 has been around for a while now, and it’s not like I needed to create intense 3D graphics or anything (yet).

Surely there would be tons of examples on how to do something basic like decode and render video, right?

Nope. Hence this article.

So that the next poor soul who needs to…

Ori Gold

Human. Writer. Software developer.

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